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Which is the most popular flavor with electronic cigarettes?

Flavors of electronic cigarettes are back bone of marketing strategy in the cigarette industry. People like the flavored electronic cigarettes more than tobacco cigarettes.
It is fact friends, now we are more health conscious due to high class education and awareness. I am sharing my personnel experience with all of you; hope you will get some interesting information about electronic cigarettes. I am smoking since last five years. Firstly I smoke with my friends in the college for fun only but, later I found that I am addicted for smoking. Moreover, my girl friend do not like odor of tobacco so due to this some time she stays away from me.
One day, I was surfing net and I came across an advertising of best electronic cigarettes. As, I clicked on that link, I landed on a website of
e cigarettes reviews and I checked all the information regarding best electronic cigarettes. There are top ten brands of electronic cigarettes on this site for reviews. According to a survey females like chocolate and vanilla flavor most while males like menthol and cola flavor most. But in case of mine I am also using chocolate flavor with my best electronic cigarettes because my girl friend liked it. Now my girl friend do not stayed away from me but kiss me mostly when we met to each other. On the site of e cigarettes reviews there are different brands of best electronic cigarettes with different flavor and in general chocolate flavor is most popular among smokers and non smokers too who smoke only for taste.
A kit with all flavors for starting user is also available from some companies but with quantity of liquid nicotine in different cartridges is low. After checking the entire flavor you can order for the flavor which you like most.

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Do Vapor Cigarette Taste Good?

Taste of vapor cigarettes is excellent and it is far better than traditional cigarettes. Yes, friends!!!! It’s my personnel experience for electronic cigarette. Actually, my girl friend generally complaint me for odd smell of breath because of my smoking habit. Some time she become so angry and denied to even kiss me up. I had a fear that might this habit of mine lead to end of our relationship.

I discussed all these happenings with my friend Joy. He suggested me to try electronic cigarette which is also known as vapor cigarette. For the sake of my relationship, I searched information about vapor cigarettes on internet. I got a website of electronic cigarettes review. When I checked all the information on the website, I impressed very much. There are top ten brands of electronic cigarettes on this website. I got the thing, for which I was looking for, that was flavor. I ordered two kits of vapor cigarette with strawberry, chocolate and Menthol flavor with nicotine and without nicotine. Within one week I got that kits and I started to use that one.

When I discussed this with my girl friend, she agreed with me upon this. That evening we went to a cinema to watch a romantic movie. While we were watching movie, I started smoking with my vapor cigarette as electronic cigarette was allowed there. I had chocolate flavor that time. During a romantic seen my girl friend does not stop her to kiss me. After first kiss, she told me that now your breath is amazing..Because she likes chocolate flavor and she asked me for a smooch. Guys you know what I do at that time..Guess!!!!!!! OK, I am telling you… I denied her..??? She asked, Why?? I told her that now your breath has no flavor, first you should also rinse your breath with flavor. How???? I gave a vapor cigarette with chocolate flavor without nicotine to her, so that’s why I purchased two kits of vapor cigarettes. As she inhales a puff, she enjoyed it and continues to inhale puffs and gave me a hot smooch. We were very happy and after came back to my room were first time in the heaven only due to vapor cigarette.

So friends if you have also same problem or have a wish to go to heaven visit electronic cigarettes review website for more information about electronic or vapor cigarette.

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Can the electronic cigarette offer a realistic smoking experie

<p>Smoking experience offered by electronic cigarette would be realistic? This was first thought that stuck my mind when I heard about electronic cigarette but when I used this product, I felt it is very convenient to use while experienced real smoking. I checked e cigarette reviews on a website to know more about these products. I would like to share my knowledge in the niche of e cig reviews so that so these would be beneficial to decide the best electronic cigarettes for you.</p>
<p><a href=""><img class="size-full" title="Vapor Cigarette" src="" alt="Vapor Cigarettes" width="333" height="500" /></a><br /><br /><br /><br />
Smoking has a love- hate relationship. I was aware about the bad aspects of smoking but I continuously enjoyed the sensation. Some time, I tried a number of alternatives like gums, candies with nicotine to quit my smoking habit but I failed to do it as they do not simulate the actual experience of smoking. When I tried electronic cigarette, it replicates the real smoking experience without any health issue of the tobacco cigarettes. <br /><br />
Earlier, I thought it was a joke, how it is possible, a cigarette which operates on a battery gives you real smoke experience. After reading many positive e cigarette reviews, finally I decided to try it for myself but only that brand which have best electronic cigarettes. When I tried different flavor of smoke with one electronic cigarette then I have to admit, I was happily surprised. As smoke of electronic cigarette have vapors in the shape of smoke without any ashes and other harmful chemicals, so there is no issue of passive smoking with these products. On inhaling this smoke we get nicotine sensation which is very satisfying. <br /><br />
Flexibility to change the cartridges with low level of nicotine is very good feature of electronic cigarette and with this feature I have controlled my nicotine level up to very low level. I am on the way to quit smoking with the help of <a href="">best electronic cigarettes</a> that I have. <br /><br /> Everyone knows smoking is injurious for health, but at least now we have a better alternative which is safer than tobacco cigarettes and cost effective. I hope these <a href="">e cigarettes reviews</a> helped you or someone you love more than yourself.</p>


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